Innovatives solutions for your office places

As an office space designer, the Starwall aluminum framework walls system is suitable for any type of architectural walls project.

  • Multitude of configurations
  • Quick installation
  • Turnkey concept
  • Customized project
  • 100% removable and reusable
  • Height up to 20 feet
  • LEED®

Aluminium products are offered in different structures achieving a sleek effect with the finer framework of the VISION line or a traditional look with the CLASSIC line. The CUSTOM line offers freedom and flexibility for your special projects.

The partition CLASSIC offers you a multitude of designs and configurations which will answer your expectations, besides an infinite choice of colors. You also have the possibility of adding it options such as Venetian blinds inserted between two glazings and more still.

The CUSTOM is a partition which allows to combine the different elements or the characteristics of the ranges of products mentioned above, giving so many possibilities of configurations for your spaces of offices. You will have the pleasure to integrate together and, as you like, the partition Classic, Finesse and Vision.

Refined and innovative design, the Starwall VISION is a glass partition edge to edge, any height, offering great flexibility and adaptability to your spaces. Brighten your offices with its transparency, Starwall VISION provides you with bright spaces that promote the comfort and inspiration of the occupant, as well as offering a multitude of development possibilities.